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How you can help homeless pets

Helping Homeless PEts

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London Sancuary

London Sanctuary PO Box 1914 Glen St. Mary, FL 32040 Website Donate Now

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GREAT Rescue of NE Florida

GREAT Rescue of NE Florida, Inc. P.O. Box 600878 Jacksonville, FL 32260-0878 (904) 501-6899 Website Donate Now

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Fawn’s Small Dog Rescue

(904) 773-3553 Website Donate Now

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Pet Supplies Plus – Atlantic Beach

977 Atlantic Blvd Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 (904) 853-6406 Website

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Bark on Park

1021 Park Street Jacksonville, FL 32204 904-356-4530 Website

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First Coast No More Homeless Pets

Local Pet Charity - First Coast No More Homeless Pets

6817 Norwood Avenue      Jacksonville, FL 32208       464 Cassat Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32254 (904) 425-0005 Website Donate Now

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Dog of the Month The BULLDOG

The Bulldog has a face everyone adores and brings loads of laughter and love to any family. Ironically, the Bulldog was bred to participate in the cruel sport of bullbaiting, so it was bred to be courageous, ferocious and savage. Once bull baiting was outlawed in England in 1835, the Bulldog breed was finished—until a group of Bulldog lovers decided to preserve it. Removing its undesirable fierce characteristics, while preserving and accentuating its finer qualities, the Bulldog Club, Inc., gave the old mean Bulldog a facelift and, within just a few generations, turned it into the adorable, sweet breed it

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Is Your Dog Healthy?

As a dog owner, you should be well aware that an important aspect of your relationship with your dog is your concern for, and your protection of, your dog’s health. Your dog can contribute a lot to your life – being a great companion and keeping you safe. However you need to be ever alert to any changes in your dog’s behavior which may indicate a health problem, particularly if your dog: drinks an excessive amounts of water, loses his appetite, becomes overly tired or sluggish, has difficulty sitting or standing, develops any strange bumps or lumps on his head

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Dog of the Month: The Pug

Meet The Adorable Pug Because of their small size, Pugs are considered to be a Toy breed. Ranked 34th most popular dog breed by the American Kennel Club, Pugs live to love and to be loved in return. They are happy living anywhere, as long as the climate is moderate—not to hot and not too cold. They’re content sharing their space with kids or seniors, as an only pet or one of several animals. History of the Pug The Pug was officially recognized by the AKC in 1885 but has been around since 400 BC, making them one of the

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