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Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Is Brutus really happy to see you when you come home because his tail is wagging furiously? Or does it mean something else? That’s a question asked more frequently about dogs than anything else, ranking first in Google’s 2015 list of dog things that people searched for. While dogs actually do use their tails to communicate, a wagging tail doesn’t always mean that Rover is happy. That tail is only part of the communication and it’s important to look at the whole dog before you reach down and pet your neighbor’s pooch. A dog that is tense, has its ears

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Dog Training – It’s all about the Relationship

Your dog’s behavior doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase (or seen it written here): “The dog is always right”? The reason is that dogs are simply responding to what is happening in their environment. And, specifically, how their environment makes them feel. Whatever your dog is doing, it is ALL about the relationship that you have with your dog. And the relationship that you have with the significant people in your life. And the relationship that you have with yourself. The obvious relationship that matters here is how you are with your dog. Are you nervous?

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Your Guide to Dog Training Methods

Though there are seemingly hundreds of different canine training methods available these days, the truth is that no matter what the marketing gurus call them, all dog training methods fall into one of three camps: aversive, positive reward based, or an aversive and positive-reward based training combination. Aversive Training At least in America, thankfully, it seems that aversive training is declining in popularity. There are two types of aversive training, both of which use coercion, positive punishment and negative reinforcement. The first is giving the dog something unpleasant when he does the unwanted behavior. Some examples of positive punishment is

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