Dog of the Month: The Black Dog

February is the month to raise awareness of Black Dogs. Black Dog Syndrome is a thing in which black dogs in shelters get overlooked for lighter colored dogs. Here at Pawsmetics, we love all dogs and so rather than focus on a specific breed for our spotlight we decided to raise awareness of the Black Dog.

On Martha’s Vineyard in New England, there is a brand dedicated just to the Black Dog. “Out of one sailing Captain’s love for the sea, his island home, and of course, his dog, The Black Dog brand was born.” We are not promoting the brand, but think it is worth checking out since, well, we are talking about The Black Dog. 

Big Black Dogs can look intimidating, but on the flip side, anything looks good on a Black Dog. Try a fire engine red collar or a slate blue harness, how about a bumble bee yellow scarf, or a screaming orange safety vest. All of these colors will pop on a dark-colored pup. Many shelters have thrown a tremendous amount of time and resources into educating people on the Black Dog Syndrome, and they are beginning to see a turn around in the number of days the dogs are spending in a shelter. A Black Dog’s tongue looks pinker, eyes pop seeming to be outlined in eyeliner, and their coats shine when they are freshly groomed. Pawsmetics has a Black Dog shampoo that is great for dogs with black fur. This shampoo will enhance the rich black color leaving the coat clean and shiny.

If you’re thinking of adopting a new dog, don’t let its appearance be the deciding factor. A dog’s personality is what matters the most. If you find a dog who rocks your socks and it has a coat that is black in color spice him/her up with some color by donning him/her in a brightly colored collar and leash, bandanna, harness, or vest.

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