Dog of the Month: The Border Collie

From the herding group, the Border Collie is an active breed with tenacity for the work they were bred to do!  Often referred to as a workaholic, this dog loves to be active and have a job.  A black and white dog with flowing hair this canine always seems to be smiling which makes it very inviting to approach.  These dogs are found doing work on a farm or possibly in Frisbee or agility competition.


The Border Collie is very willing and desires to please their owner making them easily trainable.  They do well with older children due to their higher energy, and they are good with other dogs when introduced properly. Not only are these herding dogs very intelligent, but they are also very athletic and are not adverse to cuddling too!

Care Level & Warnings

A dog that is overall healthy, the Border Collie can weigh 30-45 lbs (male) and 27-40 lbs (female).  The Border Collie has a life expectancy of 10 to 17 years which is quite impressive.  With long hair, these high-energy canines do shed and need to have their hair groomed weekly.  Pawsmetics Detangling Spray is a great Pet Care Product that will help with keeping their coat tangle free.  They come in a variety of colors that include white with either black, blue, brindle, and or red.

Because this smart pup likes to herd, they will try and herd anything they can which includes people and other animals.  Keeping them well socialized and giving them something to do will keep this breed happy and content.


The Border Collie wasn’t recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) until 1995.

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