Dog of the Month: The Plott Hound

This medium sized, medium energy level dog was originally bred for hunting but has somehow weaved its way into the hearts of hound lovers.  A loyal breed that is not recommended if you’re a first-time hound owner because the Plott Hound likes to be vocal which can be a bother to some, but they also have an insatiable attention span and when they focus on something they don’t give up!  Some of these traits can be very attractive to those that love the personality of a hound!


A dog that stands for strength and courage with a fearless determination, the Plott as they are referred, is a hound that comes in many colors and markings to include varying shades of brindle, black, or they could have saddle markings.  If you have children, it is recommended that the Plott be supervised around kids for a better relationship. The Plott has a high response to training, sheds seasonally, and is excellent with other dogs.

Care Level & Health

Recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 2006, the Plott has a few health concerns like hip dysplasia and eye disease which is nothing out of the ordinary of most breeds of dogs.  This dog has short hair, so their coat is manageable, and with a high-quality food, it’s easy to maintain a shiny look.  With floppy ears, it is essential to keep them clean and dry to avoid waxy build-up and ear infections. An athletic breed, they need daily exercise and stimulation to keep out of trouble, perhaps making them a great running partner!

Size and Life Span

As earlier stated this breed is of medium size with the males weighing in at 50-60 pounds and the females being 40-55 pounds.  Expect your Plott to live an average of 12 to 14 years and be prepared for their barking to be very vocal, which is consistent with most hounds!


The Plott was created in America named after a family of German Immigrants.

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