Dog of the Month: The Samoyed

Recognized for its stunning fluffy white coat, the Samoyed (pronounced two ways and both are correct. The first is “Sam-oy-ed” with three syllables with the “oy” as in “soy.” And the second is used in Europe and at Westminster, pronounced “Sammy-ed,” which is two syllables.) is a high energy working dog.  Officially recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1906, the Samoyed is a breed that exhibits alertness and strength in appearance.


The Samoyed is gentle and friendly with a dependable personality. This dog loves to be with people making them an excellent choice if you’re looking for companionship.  With lots of energy, this dog needs a job or training to keep them happy and healthy. A large fenced in yard will help to curb their energetic, mischievous, and social personality.  Keep in mind that a bored Samoyed will bark and chew.

Care Level & Warnings

Their thick coats require a lot of brushing and combing to keep them free of mats.  With all their fur they do a lot of shedding which requires vacuuming to keep your home pet hair free.  Consider this task when adding a Samoyed to your family if you don’t like hair this breed may not be a good choice.  Pawsmetics white dog shampoo and detangling spray products would work well for managing the beautiful coat of the Samoyed breed.

The Samoyed has a high drive to chase things like cats and other fast moving creatures that like to run away.  A precaution should be taken if you have small pets or livestock.  This breed also likes to bark, and with a high pitch, it can be bothersome to neighbors who aren’t keen on dogs.

Health Concerns

While most breeds face some health challenges, the Sammy is a breed that exudes an overall good health.  Some health concerns are hip dysplasia, cardiac and eye disease.  If you are considering this breed, the best option is to get to know a reputable breeder and ask health questions about the parents to the puppy you would like to bring into your family.


Despite their look of a wild ancestor like the wolf or fox, none of these strains runs in the Samoyed’s history.  They are more like the primitive dog than any other breed.

Size and Life Span

They look bigger than they are with all their fur, but on average a female Samoyed can grow to weigh 35 to 45 pounds and males can grow to be 45 to 65 pounds in size.  Expect your Samoyed to live an average of 12 to 14 years, which is nice considering they will become a part of your family.

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