2018 is The Year of the Dog

Here at Pawsmetics, we love dogs, naturally right? We were pretty excited to learn that 2018 is the Year of the Dog! The DOG is the eleventh in the 12-year cycle of Chinese Zodiac Signs and one of the DOG year’s is 2018. How will you celebrate your dog this year?

Why not commit to getting out and spending some extra special time with your canine companion.  Or better yet, invest in his total care like grooming and exercising. When you spend time “taking care” of your dog you build a deeper bond with him/her, and it makes for a fuller human-animal bond.

  • Learn some basic massage techniques for relaxation on Fido and commit to bathing your fur kid once a month implementing those massage moves as you lather him/her up with your favorite pet shampoo or conditioner like Pawsmetics Bath Time Shampoo and Body Wash.
  • Research local dog-friendly parks and start exploring your surroundings letting your pup sniff his/her way through trails while you take in the new sights.
  • Does your dog like to dig? Why not build a “sand box” for carefree digging and save your yard and give your pup a place to have fun? Get some toys and bury them to encourage him/her to find a treasure.
  • Find your fur kids favorite toy and schedule daily playtime to give them exercise and a way for you to unwind from a long day’s work. Playing and having fun is a great past time for both you and the dog.
  • Does Max need to learn some new manners? Why not enroll in a Dog Obedience class and you and Max can learn together.

2018 can be a great year for both you and your dog.  It doesn’t have to cost much, and it doesn’t need to be extravagant. The simplest things can be the most enjoyable and rewarding. Your dog loves you, and we know you love your dog so spend time with him or her in 2018, The Year of the Dog!

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