4 Tips to Help Your Dog with Back To School

The kids are heading back to school after a summer of fun.  What do you think the family dog is thinking?  If your four-legged canine is a part of the family and was included on many of the summer games, fun, and festivities it’s only natural that he/she might be feeling a sudden loss.  A once active home has suddenly become quiet, and your doggie pal may be wondering what happened.  Also, many parents are probably heading back to work to making the separation even worse.  But don’t get discouraged or sad because there are ways to help your fur baby cope with all these seasonal changes.

1.       Give your dog something to occupy his/her time until you get home or the kids return.  Providing stimulating games or toys for your pup will help him/her pass the boredom.

2.       Hire a dog walker to come in and take your furry friend for a romp around the block or to the park.  Maybe ask them to toss the ball and play a game for an hour each day, or a couple of times a week.  There is always daycare at reputable facilities where your dog can play with other dogs building on is/her social skills.

3.       Leave some music on or the TV to add ambiance for your canine companion to not feel so lonely in a big quiet house.

4.       If you are a stay at home mom or dad, or better yet, you work from home, walk the kids to the bus and then meet them each day and bring the dog along.  Stay active with your dog and allow them to continue to be a part of your kid’s routine.

Dogs are very adaptive and when you take the time to allow for them to adjust and provide things to make the transition easy then they respond and do well.  The kids going back to school doesn’t have to be the end of the world for your pup.  If you plan and prepare to set them up for success with the changes, they will transition to the new routine with ease and comfort.  We wish all the kids heading back to school a safe and successful school year!

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