Beat The Summer Heat With Your Pet

Baby, it’s hot out there!! In some areas just stepping outside for a minute or two, you are drenched in sweat from the humidity and heat.  Unfortunately, cooler weather is still ways away, and many people are getting creative finding ways to keep cool over the next few weeks of summer.  While a dogs coat is meant to keep them cool in the blazing heat, our dogs experience similar overheating.  You can tell when a dog is really hot by how much they are panting.  Panting is a way for a dog to sweat and release that additional heat.  We need to help our canine companions chill out when the summer is a scorcher.  Here are some fun ways to beat the heat with your pup!

  1. Find some shade. If you’re out and about with your dog be sure to keep them in the shade where it tends to be cooler.  Some breeds of dogs with lighter hair and more exposed skin can get sunburn so keeping them out of the sun is healthy and safe.
  2. Buy a kiddie pool. This is a fun and inexpensive way to give your pooch a watering hole to romp and lay and chill out in the coolness of the water.
  3. Give your dog frozen treats. Make pupsicles for your canine with healthy ingredients.  Take a KONG and stuff it with yummy treats and then freeze it.  This cool treat will provide them some entertainment that is tasty and refreshing.
  4. Take them to the beach or lake. Be sure it is during a time when the sun isn’t at its peak.  Walking your dog on hot sand will burn their foot pads and being exposed to the bright sun could cause them to become sunburnt.
  5. Get out the hose and create a cool surface. Create a cool surface that is wet and cold.  Dogs love to dig holes in the dirt because they are seeking a cooler place to lay down.  A cool surface is a great place for your dog to chill.

When in doubt of the heat leave your dog at home where he can stay in the air conditioning and lounge on the couch.  Provide him or her with plenty of hydration, and you are sure to have a happy and healthy summer pup.

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