Want Awesome Canine Christmas Photos? Try These Tips!

Do you want to include your dog in your Christmas photos this year? Are you hunting for creative ideas that don’t require a great deal of work or involve a trip to see Santa at the local pet store? There are plenty of easy options you can try at home; it’s just a matter of putting on your thinking cap (or Santa cap?) to conjure up awesome ideas. Check out the following fur-friendly photo options if you want to incorporate your canine into your holiday images.

Dog With Candy Cane In Mouth – Pose your pup in the back of a pickup truck atop a cozy blanket. Surround your furry friend with puffy pillows and a Christmas present or two. You’ll have a memory to treasure and it won’t have cost you a single cent to create.
– If you can get your pet to sit still long enough, place a Christmas wreath around your pet’s neck and quickly snap a picture. Friends and family will admire your creativity and you’ll have the perfect image for this season’s holiday greeting card.
– Nothing says Christmas like a dog wearing a Santa hat. Adorn your pooch with a Santa hat and matching bow for a photo that is guaranteed to solicit smiles. If your pet doesn’t mind the sound of bells, consider adding a couple Christmas bells to the holiday bow before attaching the bow to your dog’s collar.
Capturing cute canine Christmas photos is easy if you’re willing to put a little extra effort into your holiday images. Think of traditional festive adornments and then picture the possibilities if you combined those holiday goodies with your pet. Anything from a Christmas cracker to an angel halo is adorable when attached to your dog’s collar. Have fun creating the perfect holiday card with your pet and remember to cherish each magical moment. Someday, you’ll look back fondly on the fun times you had including your pet in your Christmas celebrations.

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