At Home Grooming

When you have a pet, one of the most important things you can do for him is keep him well groomed. Keeping his ears clean, brushing your dog’s hair regularly to keep his coat shiny and his skin healthy are important to his overall health. The problem is that monthly grooming can be costly and not everyone can afford the cost of a professional pet salon. You should bathe him once a month and brush his coat every day. Brush your dog’s fur thoroughly, until his coat is shiny, soft and tangle free. Sometimes your dog’s fur can get matted and detangling that fur can be painful to him, so using a detangler is recommended. All natural products are best for your pet’s health, and Pawsmetics offers all natural shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray to make at home grooming easy at affordable prices. You want the best for your dog, and Pawsmetics gives it to you, and just like at a professional groomers, you can deck your dog out in an adorable Pawsmetics bandana!

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