Why Choose All Natural Pet Care Products?

For most people our pets are a part of the family and keeping them safe is highly important.  Choosing pet care products that are not only safe for our pets but safe for us too is increasing in popularity (and why not, right?).  Staying healthy inside and out helps your pet live a longer and more prosperous life.

Pawsmetics prides themselves on being able to say that our pet care products are ALL NATURAL.  It means that our shampoos, conditioners, and sprays are made of natural products and contain no harmful chemicals.  Many shampoos in the market today claim to help your pet with varying ailments like dry, itchy skin, but they do so with chemicals in their products (not Pawsmetics).

Products that contain harsh chemicals can have side effects on your pets, putting them at risk for health complications. Using products that are “all natural” containing such ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, and Chamomile Oil help to protect your pet keeping them safe while keeping them clean.  These ingredients offer a soothing effect on your pet’s coat, skin, and mood providing them with a relaxing experience as they are bathed.  Let’s face it, getting squeaky clean shouldn’t be at risk of your pet’s health.

Remember our pets are important and they rely on us to provide and care for them.  Choose wisely when picking a shampoo, conditioner, or spray like our Bath Time Deodorizer or Brush Me Detangling Spray. Pawsmetics provides a complete list of the ingredients for each product so you as the owner can stay informed of what you’re placing on your pet’s body.  We love your pet’s like our own and want to keep them happy and safe.

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