Just How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need To Be Healthy And Happy?

Although we tend feel we need to follow an exercise program to keep ourselves physically fit, the truth is that regular physical activity makes us happier too. And, the impact of exercise on our dogs is no different. Your dog needs daily exercise to stay healthy and to be happy. In fact, this is so true that there is an axiom saying just that, “A tired dog is a happy dog.” And, just between you and me, another truth is that a happy dog equals a happy owner.

But, just how much exercise does your dog need? Well, it depends upon the type of dog you have although a good rule of thumb is to get your dog out walking from 30 to 60 minutes a day. Keep him walking until he has noticeably slowed down. If your dog likes dog parks and runs and plays with the other canines while at a dog park, then dog park time can replace walking time. And, even if your dog spends her days in the backyard, she still needs to be walked or brought to the dog park each day. Now on to the different types of dogs and their individual needs…


Anyone who has spent any time with a terrier knows they are loaded with energy. No matter which type of terrier you have, you ought to give him at least 60 minutes of exercise a day.

Herding Dogs And Sporting Dogs

These dogs are not only full of energy, they are also highly intelligent which means that both their bodies and minds need to be worked out each day. So, if you have a sporting or herding dog, mix up his exercise routine so that he gets to explore new places and try new activities.

Purse Dogs

Yes, these are dogs too. In fact, poodles and maltese dogs have long and storied histories. The problem with smaller dogs is that they gain weight due to being cooped up all day, every day. Do not let your little dog get fat. Keep her healthy and happy by playing with her and taking her for walks every day.

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