How you can help homeless pets

Helping Homeless PEts

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First Time Dog Owner? – Watch This.

Choosing a dog can be hard sometimes, especially if you’re a first time owner. Watch this video of Top 10 Dogs For First Time Owners. We want to encourage everyone to ADOPT first as there are many dogs waiting for homes in shelters in every community. Dogs in all shapes and sizes can be found waiting for a new home, including the dogs in this video. Do your research and then visit your local animal shelter today to find your next best friend.

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Dog of the Month: The Elegant GREYHOUND

What do you think about when someone mentions the dog breed Greyhound? Maybe you envision a sleek athletic dog running sprinting across a field; perhaps you see a dog once loved by the Egyptians, or maybe you see a couch potato of a dog lounging on a sofa watching television. Either way, you look at it the Greyhound is a popular dog and deserves recognition. Many rank the greyhound as a great apartment dog. These dogs are gentle, independent, and noble. They can be low key which makes them perfect for apartment dwellers, but if you should want to let

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In The News – National Puppy Day

YEA! We were on local television and what a great way to learn more about PAWSMETICS. We celebrated National Puppy Day with a photo contest and telling you more about the Pawsmetics brand. Check out the news clip as seen on River City Live. Our sweet spokes doggie Chappy got in on the action too donning a bandanna and looking as dapper as any dog can for a cameo spot! Our very own, Bob Schafer, did a fantastic job telling everyone the reason behind the human grade salon quality of our pet shampoo’s and conditioners. The enthusiastic interviewer was quite

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Dog of the Month: The Black Dog

February is the month to raise awareness of Black Dogs. Black Dog Syndrome is a thing in which black dogs in shelters get overlooked for lighter colored dogs. Here at Pawsmetics, we love all dogs and so rather than focus on a specific breed for our spotlight we decided to raise awareness of the Black Dog. On Martha’s Vineyard in New England, there is a brand dedicated just to the Black Dog. “Out of one sailing Captain’s love for the sea, his island home, and of course, his dog, The Black Dog brand was born.” We are not promoting the

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