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Dog of the Month: The Black Dog

February is the month to raise awareness of Black Dogs. Black Dog Syndrome is a thing in which black dogs in shelters get overlooked for lighter colored dogs. Here at Pawsmetics, we love all dogs and so rather than focus on a specific breed for our spotlight we decided to raise awareness of the Black Dog. On Martha’s Vineyard in New England, there is a brand dedicated just to the Black Dog. “Out of one sailing Captain’s love for the sea, his island home, and of course, his dog, The Black Dog brand was born.” We are not promoting the

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Dog of the Month: The Plott Hound

This medium sized, medium energy level dog was originally bred for hunting but has somehow weaved its way into the hearts of hound lovers.  A loyal breed that is not recommended if you’re a first-time hound owner because the Plott Hound likes to be vocal which can be a bother to some, but they also have an insatiable attention span and when they focus on something they don’t give up!  Some of these traits can be very attractive to those that love the personality of a hound! Temperament A dog that stands for strength and courage with a fearless determination,

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Dog of the Month: Flat-Coated Retriever

Black dogs tend to get overlooked in the world of animal sheltering with the favor of lighter colored dogs being more popular.  It’s a hard phenomenon to understand with prime examples like the Flat-Coated Retriever (FCR).  A sleek and gorgeous dog, this all black retriever stands out and is one not to be overlooked.  A brown-eyed cutie, the FCR is resilient and gentle making them a great family dog.  Have you ever met a dog that just makes you smile all the time?  Meet the FCR, a dog that seems to always smile with an energy about them that keeps

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