How to help your pet stay tangle free!

Do you have a long-haired dog who seems always to have knots and tangles?  Maybe you own a collie, afghan hound, long-haired dachshund, or a mixed breed with curly or wavy hair.  Dogs with long hair have a disadvantage when it comes to grooming.  Their fur or hair can get matted if those knots and tangles aren’t brushed out on a regular basis.  So, what do you do?  Avoid a dog with long 

hair? Nope, there are ways to have a dog with lots of hair and be happy too!

  1. Check into your pet’s diet. Are they on the right food for their breed and energy level? Proper food with all the nutrients will give your pet a healthy coat and help to reduce the number of tangles they experience.
  2. Bathe your dog regularly. Use a good shampoo like Pawsmetics Bath Time Dog Shampoos. A good quality shampoo will keep your pets coat shiny and soft.
  3. Try a detangling spray like the Pawsmetics Brush Me Detangling Spray. This spray is a leave-in conditioner that will promote a healthy shine to your dog’s coat while assisting the comb and brush to glide through the fur.
  4. Be sure to use the right brush. Brush choice is essential depending on your pet’s coat or hair type.  Choosing the right brush will allow you better control and provide comfort and ease to your pet when he/she is brushed.
  5. Are you a groomer or do you know one? Use thinning shears to reduce the thickness of your dog’s coat.  This will help to reduce the number of knots and tangles.

Grooming your pet should be a fun and enjoyable time for both you and your pet.  Taking a few precautionary measures to ensure the coat of your pet is healthy and tangle-free will save in the long run for both you and your canine friend.

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