5 Dog Breeds For Those With Allergies

Bo ObamaSometimes having allergies is just the worst. Not only do you have to endure sneezing, a runny nose, itchy eyes, and other symptoms whenever you come into contact with your allergens, you are also excluded from many of the activities “normal” people get to do without thinking about it. High up on that list is having a dog when you are allergic to them. Luckily for you, there are several great dog breeds that are almost hypoallergenic. Consider getting one of these breeds and gain a new companion without your allergies getting in your way.

1. American Hairless Terrier

– Obviously, this dog breed gets rid of the possibility of allergies by getting rid of the hair. American Hairless Terriers have no hair and no dander, two of the main causes of dog allergies. They were, in fact, bred to be hypoallergenic. It will take a little getting used to a dog without hair—think about the different feel of petting a hairless dog, for instance—so this dog breed isn’t for everyone. Another breed along the same lines is the Chinese Crested Hairless. They have some hair on their head and tail, but much less than a traditional dog.

2. Schnauzer

– If you’re picky about the size of your dog, you’re in luck with Schnauzers as they come in three sizes: standard, giant, and miniature. All three sizes are equally good for allergy sufferers as Schnauzers don’t shed much. As a rule, the dogs that require haircuts rather than shedding their coats themselves are among the best for allergies. While most people are allergic to dander rather than dog fur, the dander is much less prevalent on dogs that don’t lose their coats. Keeping your dog bathed and groomed as often as possible will further reduce dander.

3. Poodle

– Poodles have quickly become one of the most popular dog breeds of today, not only in their purebred sizes—toy, miniature, and standard—but also in the mixed breeds that they helped create. The so-called “designer dogs” that have come into vogue over the last decade almost all include Poodle as part of their lineage. Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Shepadoodles are all very popular breeds among allergy sufferers as they offer up some of the likable traits of the world’s most popular dog breeds (Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shepherds, respectively) while being mostly hypoallergenic.

4. Portuguese Water Dog

– There is no more famous Portuguese Water Dog in the world than the White House dog Bo Obama, and the first family got this breed because it is known for being hypoallergenic. If your allergies are so bad that you can’t stand to live with an indoor dog at all, this could be the perfect breed for you because they are actually very content to live entirely outdoors. As long as you provide them some sort of shelter and a wide yard to play in, this breed can stay outside whenever your allergies are particularly bad.

5. Maltese

– If you’re looking for a dog with silky long hair (quite the opposite of the Hairless breeds above) that is still recommended for people with allergies, the Maltese might be the breed your breed. The Maltese doesn’t shed at all, so its coat will continue to grow out forever unless you keep up with frequent grooming. Between its hair-like fur and its lack of dander, you could find the soft dog you want without having to contend with all the sneezing.

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