Signs to Watch Out For When Selecting Healthy Puppies

Before you choose a new puppy that you can bring home, you’ll need to understand first the basics about puppy health. While certain breeds are cute to look at and may serve as great additions to the household, keep in mind that breed and physical attributes are enough reasons to adopt a new pet. As a responsible pet owner, it pays to discover the best ways of choosing healthy puppy that can be brought home.

When faced with a lot of options, consider selecting puppies at 8 to 12 weeks old. Opting for very young puppies may result to unhealthy pets since there’s a big chance these puppies have not yet received their first batches of immunizations, or they have not been weaned. Also, while a quick check on the coat and the stance of the puppy will provide you with first-hand information about its health keep in mind that these aren’t enough. Learn how to examine the puppy physically, focusing on certain parts of the body. Even the manner in which the puppy carries itself is a great signal that can help in making an informed decision. It should carry itself well, and should move freely.

Physical examination starts by checking the eyes, nose and stance

Start the physical examination at the head, paying attention to the nose, mouth and gums. Nasal discharge and sneezing are red flags you may want to take note. The gums should have a pinkish color- pale-colored gums indicate anaemia. The eyes will also serve as the windows to the health condition of the puppy. It should be clear, with the pupils in dark color and no signs of inflammation. And finally, don’t forget to check out the ears. The puppy’s ears should stand on its own, with healthy and non-smelling ears and tips.

Feel its chest and appreciate the coat

Feel the beating of its heart. Faster than usual heart beat suggest problems with the heart which can complicate dog ownership. The puppy should be able to breathe in and out without much effort. Also, don’t forget to inspect and feel the puppy’s coat. A clean and shiny coat in the correct color is an indication of good health. But if you can notice a lot of scratching on the part of the puppy, or noticeable hair loss then consider these as health red flags.

A thorough evaluation of the puppies available will help you select the best pet for the household. Choosing and evaluating puppies is not an exact science; pet lovers and enthusiasts will have their own special skills and ways on how to assess puppies from a litter. While there are no exact rules in puppy selection, paying attention to specific signs and red flags can increase your chances of selecting and loving a well-adjusted, healthy and happy pet!

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