Stay Safe During the Holidays with Your Pet

The holiday season is a time for fun, excitement, celebrations, family gatherings, and lots of activities. Some things that are good and not so good for our pets. Remembering that Fido the dog and Tigger the kitty aren’t accustomed to all of the festivities and planning for their success will ensure that you have a happy and safe holiday with your best four-legged friend.

The best place for a dog or cat is home, a place of comfort and safety. Leave your pet at home if you plan to travel or spend lots of time at festive parties. Hire a pet-sitter to watch your critters while you are away. While it sounds like a good idea to bring your pets along everywhere we go, it can sometimes be hard to predict what will be going on and often activities aren’t conducive for animals and they can be frightened, become lost, or much less get hurt.

Be sure to keep fragile and chewable ornaments up and away from suspecting kitties and doggies who like to chew. Yummy rich holiday foods aren’t always the best thing for any pet; they can cause upset tummies, unwanted accidents, and other health concerns. Wrapping paper and string is always fun, but can quickly become an obstacle for a cat or dog that might choke or become tangled.

Be wise and do your research first if you don’t have a pet and are planning to get one or give one as a gift. Look at your lifestyle or that of the one you are planning to surprise with a furry kid. What energy level are you able to handle, do you have time for a puppy or a kitten? Seeing a cute fluffy animal under the tree on Christmas morning seems like a great idea, but really, it’s probably the worst thing you can do for the animal and yourself. New pets need time to settle into unfamiliar surroundings, and you need time to get to know them. Give yourself the space to enjoy your family and friends. Give a gift certificate and all the things associated with the type of pet you wish to give or receive. After all the craziness of the holiday is over, you can go and search for the perfect member to add to your family.

Stay safe with your pets during any holiday by preparing and planning for the best. Happy Holidays.

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